Joerg Barandat: WATERINTAKE 07/2014 part 4

Nile Basin Ministers in charge of Water Affairs reiterate their countries‘ commitment to the Nile cooperation

The 22nd Nile Council of Ministers (Nile-COM) held on Thursday 19th June, 2014 has successfully concluded … in Khartoum, Republic of The Sudan. The Nile-COM addressed strategic issues to advance the Nile cooperation as well as operational business issues of NBI … Press statement of the Chairperson of the Nile Council of Ministers … We once again call upon Egypt to unfreeze their participation in the NBI activities. An all‐inclusive cooperation remains paramount for optimizing basin‐wide development …

New water-based technology can help curb the impact of drought

18 June 2014 … Smart data-gathering technologies are beginning to make such levels of precision possible. PrecisionHawk in Indiana, for instance, has designed a small drone-like contraption that can map surface water, calculate drainage times and assess plant health from above individual fields. In California, TerrAvion offers a similar aerial mapping service, only in a real plane flown by a contract pilot. Wellntel looks under the ground rather than above it. Recently shortlisted in the Imagine H2O’s Global Water competition, the US start-up uses sonar technology to assess the depth of groundwater in wells on farms and rural houses. Farmers can use the data to assess if their wells and pumps are working efficiently, as well as to decide about appropriate irrigation systems and storage upgrades or crop rotation … One of the companies leading the charge is TaKaDu. The Israeli water tech firm offers what it calls a "software-as-a-service" solution for water utilities. Raw data from across the water distribution network is sent to TakaDu’s secure server, which then pre-processes the information to detect anomalies and send real-time alerts to the relevant water operators. The system’s automated algorithms correlate changes in everything from flow and pressure to reservoir levels and water quality. Another lead detection system winning plaudits is Echologics. Winner of this year’s Water Industry Achievement Awards, the Canadian firm has developed a system for detecting water loss based on sound. Developed in conjunction with Severn Trent Water and Loughborough University, the LeakFinderST "correlator" uses acoustic technologies to assess pipe conditions and pinpoint leaks …

Europäische Bank für Wiederaufbau und Entwicklung

Water Works in Tajikistan – Ground-breaking Khujand project a model for Central Asian engagement

18 June 2014 When, in early 2004, the EBRD started designing a potential project to improve the water supply in Tajikistan’s second city, Khujand … the Bank was taking on a huge challenge. Although Tajikistan is plentifully supplied with fresh water, its depleted infrastructure – resulting from the Soviet break-up in 1991 and a civil war immediately afterwards – meant, paradoxically, that it was difficult to provide drinking water to municipal end-users … These challenges were faced with highly unconventional elements for mainstream bank projects. These included: a partnership with an inexperienced and institutionally weak borrower; entering a municipal market that was only just coming into existence; the proposed harnessing of donor support on an unprecedented scale; an idea that end-users’ support could be enlisted through a civic participation programme; and a small loan amount … Similar water projects are now underway in 20 other cities in Tajikistan, in 10 Kyrgyz cities and other projects follow a similar model in the Caucasus, Moldova and Belarus. “It was a new way of working– an experiment,” Ms Bjorlin Hansen says. “The first time we’d worked in such a close partnership with a donor and the first time we had a Stakeholder Participation Programme to raise end-users’ awareness” …

Water flows boosted in American River to block salty incursion to Delta

June 17, 2014 … Water flows into the American River were increased … despite the ongoing drought, because state and federal officials are fighting to keep salinity from San Francisco Bay from intruding into the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta … once it intrudes, the salty water can take weeks or months to flush out. As the summer wears on, sufficient water for that task in upstream reservoirs could run out. Under state law, salinity also must be controlled to protect water quality for users who divert directly from the Delta. This includes farmers on Delta islands as well several urban water consumers …

Wasser wird auch für junge Leute das Thema der Zukunft

13.06.2014 … Das internationale Theaterfestival mit dem explosiven Titel findet vom 26. bis 29. Juni in Hagen statt, so der Leiter der jungen Bühne Lutz. ­„Wasser ist das entscheidende Thema in den kommenden Jahren. ­Wassermetropolen, Wasserrechte – all das wird auch junge Menschen zwangsläufig tangieren.“ Zusammen mit dem Grips-Theater Berlin, dem, so Hahn „wohl berühmtesten Kinder- und Jugendtheater der Welt“, und der Theaterkompanie „cia.paideia“ aus São Paulo hat sich das Lutz-Theater auf die Fahne geschrieben, in drei unterschiedlichen Stücken das junge Publikum mit dem Themenkomplex Wasser zu konfrontieren. Eröffnet wird das Festival am Donnerstag, 26. Juni, mit der schrägen Performance „Wasser in der Stadt“ … Die drei dann folgenden Inszenierungen … wurden eigens für das Festival in Hagen konzipiert“ … Den Auftakt macht am Freitag, 27. Juni, das kindgerechte Stück „Lucy und der Wasserschaden“. Die kleine Killermücke Lucy landet dieses Mal an einem Brunnen in Afrika. Dann kommen die Gäste zum Zuge: Der brasilianische Besuch zeigt das Stück „Ycatu – Agua Boa“ („Gutes Wasser“), das aus lustigen und nachdenklichen Szenen besteht, in denen es um das Problem der Wasserverschwendung geht. Das Berliner Grips-Theater stellt in der Aufführung „Durst“ Wasser als „das Öl des 21. Jahrhunderts“ dar. Der junge Regisseur und politische Theatermacher Florian Fiedler und das Grips-Team haben für „Durst“ rund zwei Jahre recherchiert …

Durst – Eine Abenteuerreise

Water meters in every household within a year

Jun 3, 2014 With the parallel water pipeline project cleared by the chief minister, all households within the municipal limits are only a year away from the installation of water meters, making them accountable for each drop of water they utilise. The move will also axe illegal water connections within the city limits. According to an estimate, the city has close to 50% illegal water connections …

Video: Wasser-Recycling in Israel

30.05.2014 Israel zählt zu einer der trockensten Regionen der Welt … der Regen deckt nur die Hälfte des Wasserbedarfs … Und diesen Winter zum Beispiel hat es viel zu wenig geregnet. Israel will sich davon unabhängig machen und steuert gegen: mit Meerwasserentsalzungsanlagen …

Water and Conflict in Syria

05/28/2014 … Starting in 2006 and lasting through 2011, Syria suffered the worst long-term drought and the most severe set of crop failures in recorded history. In a new research paper, I’ve looked at the role of regional drought, unsustainable water management policies, and climatic conditions in contributing to the severe conflict in Syria in the past few years (see the peer-reviewed paper "Water, Drought, Climate Change, and Conflict in Syria" by Dr. Peter H. Gleick, coming out in the July issue … in the American Meteorological Society journal Weather, Climate, and Society …). Many factors influenced the civil war in Syria, including long-standing political, religious, and ideological disputes; economic dislocations from both global and regional factors; and the consequences of water shortages influenced by drought, ineffective watershed management, and the growing influence of climate variability and change … Water use and the construction of large water infrastructure upstream by Turkey have also decreased surface water supplies flowing into Syria … Populations in the Tigris-Euphrates river basins have grown rapidly, further stressing limited water supplies. All of these factors were worsened by severe multi-year drought … Future climate projections for this region are also unfavorable from the perspective of water availability …

Peter H. Gleick: Water, Drought, Climate Change, and Conflict in Syria

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Neue Führung in der Klimapolitik –»Yes, we can – after all«: Die USA zwischen internationalem Anspruch und nationalen Herausforderungen

Juni 2014 Die US-Umweltschutzbehörde hat neue CO2-Obergrenzen für Gas- und Kohlekraftwerke angekündigt, um den Klimaschutz in den USA zu forcieren. Damit läutet Präsident Barack Obama einen weiteren Schritt zur Bekämpfung des Klimawandels ein …

FU Berlin Nachwuchsforschergruppe “Asian Perceptions of the EU …“

How Europe Matters in Asian Security

June 2014 … EU’s source of influence in Asia-Pacific rather seems to lie within its vast amount of expertise and technology concerning threats which are most imminent to the Asia Pacific region: non- traditional security threats such as water, food, energy (in)securities and potential conflicts arising from access to scarce transboundary resources …


Wie viel Wasser fließt nach Deutschland hinein, in welcher Weise und von wem wird dieses Wasser hier genutzt und auf welchen Wegen, in welcher Form und in welchen Mengen verlässt das Wasser das Land wieder? Das Projekt beantwortet diese Fragen in Bezug auf die natürlichen, künstlichen und virtuellen Wasserflüsse in Deutschland.


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